Friday, June 6, 2008

Don't cheat the poor people!

While at the library yesterday I picked up a couple of books for sale, and that put me in the mood to go down to DI to get some more cheap books. DI is far and away my favorite place to buy books because they're so cheap. Because I read so much I can't afford the bookstore, and I like to possess books, so I don't go to the library very often. So I went to DI and was completely shocked. The books seem to have doubled, if not tripled in price. I don't know if it was just that location or if it's all of them. I couldn't believe it. My former dollar books are now two or three dollars a piece! Several of the books I got had previous price tags on them from either garage sales or used book stores, and the DI prices were at least a dollar more. It made me mad. I guess I might have to start using the library after all. Jerks.

BTW, on the way down to Provo, I drove by a Burger King and there was an ambulance in the parking lot and people rushing around. Isn't that a wonderful advertisement! Come in for a Whopper, leave on a stretcher!

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Erin said...

Kind of like...get a double whopper and a double by-pass at the same time.