Wednesday, June 25, 2008

summer classes

Summer term has started and it is going to be insane. This means that either I won't blog very often, or I'll blog a ton because I don't want to do my homework. We'll see. This term I'm taking Statistics, yet another marriage and family class, and Parenting. So . . . Statistics. Yeah. Not so much fun. It is kind of entertaining to watch my 60ish year old professor get all excited about random sampling, but I honestly don't know why people choose to major in this subject. This is going to be a hard class to get through. I did sit behind some guy who had a mullet though. I was distracted from the boringness of the class by staring at his long, luscious locks. I can't really say that I wanted to run my fingers through his hair, but I was tempted to poke at it with my pencil. My marriage/family class is pretty good. The professor keeps talking about how passionate and sexy his wife is. He also mentioned exultant ecstasy. And no, he wasn't referring to a sweet trip on E. I haven't decided yet if I'm creeped out by this. I don't really want to picture him like that, but I guess it's a good thing that the professor of a marriage class still feels this way after 23 years of marriage. My Parenting professor is kind of special. I think he's about to retire or something, and so he doesn't feel the need to keep up with newfangled technology. Every other professor I've had since I started back up with school has used Power Point for the lecture notes. This guy still uses an overhead projector. Seriously. The transparencies must be from like ten years ago, because I don't think they still make them any more. So anyway, that's what's going on in my life right now.

Oh, and I started my 21-day detox diet on Monday. It lasted a day. I'm going to try again though. Things have just been crazy with school and Mark got his Eagle Scout thingy, so I had to bake a bunch of yummies for that. My treats were a huge success, by the way. One kid (Becca, this would be your brother) was grabbing my faux truffles by the handful.


Traci said...

Your classes actually sound fun to me. Even statistics. ;) However, you have to remember I got a minor in Math - so ... basically I like nerdy things. Those marriage/family and parenting classes sound awesome though. I'd REALLY like to take that parenting class. Be sure to post some info you learn from that parenting class...I'd like to know what the old geezer has to say about parenting...even if he does present his material on transparencies.

Have fun!!!

Rebecca said...

My perfect baby brother?

Kim said...

Yes, and it was hilarious! I hope he didn't end up with a stomach ache after eating them all.

Rebecca said...

He does have a bit of a sweet tooth.