Monday, July 7, 2008

Project Update

Sadly, my project group does not consist of giggly freshmen girls. It consists of one non-giggly, fairly nice* 19 year old girl and a fairly nice*, hottie 22 year old guy. Unfortunately, said hottie's first question was "So how old are you guys?" I wish people wouldn't ask that question. It puts me at an unfair disadvantage.

Our project is to come up with our top characteristics for a mate. I know, only at BYU would that be an assignment, right! Anyway, we decided to compare the requirements of BYU students with those of the heathens. If you got a text from me today asking you this question, I'll leave it up to you to figure out which group you fit into. :) In case you're interested, some of the responses I got were loyalty, similar beliefs, ability to be a good mother, someone who I can be myself with without him feeling inferior, respect, personality, attractive, good work ethic, big boobs, small waist, the ability to perform certain unmentionable acts, employed, responsible, and reliable. It was interesting to see who answered how I thought they would and who came up with an answer I wouldn't have expected from them. Oh, and I should add that my cousin, Erin's, number one requirement is that he be Keith Urban.

*I say fairly nice because we only talked for like 15 minutes. In reality they could be very nice or complete jerks. Time will tell, but my guess would be that they're very nice.

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