Friday, July 11, 2008

Seriously, you need to stop.

Remember a few days ago when I mentioned the couple in one of my classes who keep sharing beverages and mouthing "I love you" to each other? Yeah, they're still driving me crazy. I think the guy is getting more into it, because he keeps adding more and more feeling to it each time he says it. Also, the class we have together is Parenting, and so any time a topic is brought up, they feel the need to have a little whispered conversation amongst themselves about how they're going to do it. The last two class periods we've discussed pregnancy and newborns, so I've had to overhear their whispered discussions about breastfeeding (they're going to), circumcision (they're going to), immunizations (they're going to), who will get up for night feedings (he will because he just loves her so much), and when to have kids (not yet, but man are they having fun trying!). This is all really more information than I needed to know about them and their unborn children.

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