Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blog Blahs

In case you haven't noticed, I've kind of had the blog blahs lately. I haven't had anything hugely exciting to write about, and I pretty much just haven't cared about blogging. But anyway, here are some tidbits from the last week:

-I went to Vegas on Wednesday for a couple days. The nieces were as entertaining as ever.

-In the section of the BYU Honor Code that talks about dress standards, I feel very strongly that they should include a little note that people should never, ever take their shoes off during class. Especially if their nasty feet smell like vinegar.

-Did anyone watch the two episodes of Oprah with Tom Cruise? Here are my thoughts: dude is crazy. He seemed to be trying very hard to make up for the "couch incident," but it all appeared a little too staged to me. The best part was the crazy fan. That lady was freakin' hilarious. I felt bad that all she got from Tom was a framed photo of the two of them from the last show. My guess is that she probably already had the photo and had wallpapered her bedroom with it. Whatever. Oh, I also noticed that Tom totally had sweaty pits. It was hard to tell because he was wearing a dark shirt, but for some reason I always notice things like that.

-Every time I spend time with my sister in-law, I get new t.v. shows to watch. I am now a fan of Gossip Girl, NCIS, and possibly American Idol. I normally am a huge fan of the Idol that is American, but I haven't really watched it this season. This is perfect timing though. I think there are only like two episodes left, so I don't have to invest too much time in it. I have to say that I think David Archuleta is a dork and kind of irritating. I realize that as Mormon from Utah, it's the law or something that I'm supposed to like him, but I don't. Every time I hear him speak I shudder with embarrassment. He has got to stop with the nervous giggling and having nothing to say. Where is this crazy stage dad of his? Why has he not trained the kid to not do that?

-Another t.v. tidbit-I'm so glad Jim and Pam kissed on The Office. They really need to start showing more kissey action. I'm guessing that Jim will propose on the season finale, so hopefully we'll get some more suckey face then.

Well, that's all I've got for today. I say these things in the name of . . . whoops, nevermind.

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Traci said...

Come back!!! I noticed you were not blogging as I know that you were having "blog blahs". How sad for your faithful readers?!!! But I guess I should get a life rather than expect you to entertain me.