Monday, May 19, 2008

A Review of the ACM's

The ACM's were on last night and I watched despite the fact that I don't like watching awards shows. The reasons for this are threefold: 1. I don't like to listen to celebrities speak in real life because they tend to not be so bright when they don't have a script. 2. If they really wanted to thank God, they could do it by putting more clothes on and not having their chesticles and vajayjays flying around all over. 3. I don't know your agent, record producer, song writer, make-up artist, plastic surgeon or drug dealer, so I don't care if you never could have done this without them. Please just say a simple thank you and sit back down.

Back to the ACM awards. I really enjoyed Carrie Underwood, Sugarland, Keith Urban and Rodney Atkins. I had no idea who Rodney Atkins was. Please don't think I'm completely superficial when I say holy cow, he's mighty good lookin'! I did enjoy his music as well. I just enjoyed looking at him more. Miranda Lambert, whom I absolutely love, also performed. My third blog entry, back in October 2007, was about the song she performed last night. But enough of the enjoyableness; let's talk about Taylor Swift.

If you didn't see her performance that's just too bad because I just went to YouTube to try to find it for you and due to a copyright claim by Dick Clark Productions, the video is no longer available. (Note to Dick Clark: because you have impeded upon my ability to make fun of this performance, I think you are lame and you suck.) Taylor started off in a hoodie that made her look a little bit like a dementor. I of course made fun of it, but then her clothes were ripped off and she had a little black dress on underneath. This was much less distracting and I thought the performance was going pretty well, but then they made it rain on stage and she danced and sang in the water. It was very weird and seemed very out of place. Part of me was hoping she would get a little shock. Not full on electrocution, but maybe just a little spark or something. That didn't happen; she was fine and finished the song in a curtain of water. Again, let me reiterate that I thought it was very odd. Unless you are Gene Kelly, you just shouldn't be singing in the rain.

I think I'm starting to really get into country music. It doesn't seem so trashy and it isn't full of nasty language. (Please note that the song "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" is excluded from the previous statement.) I'm excited to download music from a bunch of artists I discovered last night. I always love it when I find new music to enjoy.

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