Thursday, May 15, 2008

weird dream

I had a weird dream last night and now I want to eat cake.

For starters, I think two different dreams blended together because I remember being in a parking garage and getting into a car with a hot guy. Then all of a sudden I was out in the world looking for the hot guy, but all I could remember was that he worked at some restaurant that had delicious lite buttercream cake. I don't know whether this was referring to lo-cal buttercream frosting or the actual cake. Anyway, I go over to Lorri's house, which by the way, was not the same apartment she's in now, it was some semi-ghetto place downtown, and we googled lite buttercream cake and find out that there's a place in Centerville called Virgie's that sells this cake. So we decide to head down there, because dude, there's cake and a hot guy. Somehow though Centerville has ended up being two blocks away from her place. So maybe her place downtown was not downtown Salt Lake, but downtown Centerville. I don't know. I digress. We go to Virgie's and discover that the cakes are made into fun and fancy shapes like hamburgers and dragons. That seemed cool so we sat down at a table to order some cake. While doing so a girl comes over to us and it turns out that I know her from my old ward, and the hot guy is her brother whom she had tried to set me up with a while ago but it never worked out. Unfortunately, he's not at work yet so we have to wait to see him. While we were talking another guy walked in. At first he reminded me of the Aviator, but with long hair. Because of this I decided to ignore him and scorn him in my mind. It turned out, though, that it was actually some guy who I apparently knew, but didn't remember. His name was George and he was a sex addict. When I asked him how he was he kind of rubbed his face and said he was alright, and that he had ten days clean and that the first ten days are the hardest. The weird thing was (as if all of this were not weird) that I kept wanting to touch him. Not in a perverted way, but just put my hand on his arm or pat him on the back as though me touching him could somehow make him feel better. Then I woke up.

So what does this dream mean? Is the cake symbolic of something else or do I just like cake? Why was George a sex addict? Why did I want to constantly touch a sex addict? Why was the hot guy who I was searching for not there, but George, whom I knew but didn't remember, was? Hmmmmm . . . what does all this say about me? I think someone should go look it up in a dream book or something and let me know.

Oh, and since I know some of you will wonder, this morning I did check 411 and there is no such place as Virgie's in the state of Utah.

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