Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Idle Idol Thoughts

VICTORY! Here are my thoughts on the show:

-George Michael has waaaay aged. I think all the man lovin' is wearing on him.

-I love that Simon apologized.

-Poor Carrie Underwood-isn't someone supposed to make sure she doesn't forget to put her pants on before she goes on stage? The shortness of her skirt wouldn't have been so distracting if it didn't also have the slit. I'm betting the people in the front row got a glimpse of the goods.

-I loved that they did a medley of Brian Adams songs. I love Brian Adams. Everything he does, he does it for me, don't ya know!

-I want a little motorized carpet/cushion thing. I think it would be fun to sit on and drive around the grocery store.

I feel a strong urge to go call my aunt and gloat, but I won't. At least for now.


Carter Family said...

I LOVE David Cook and am so, so happy. I won't gloat for know either. I also loved Simons aplogy and am so glad it was not too late!

Traci said...

LOL. I was SHOCKED!!! You are the first of my "blogs" to comment on AI! You win the prize! I love it. I'm glad Cook won, but I was seriously floored by it. I love your posts. I always seriously laugh OUT LOUD and then read your post to Bob.