Saturday, May 31, 2008


My little brother is all grown up! He graduated from high school yesterday and is now on to bigger and better things . . . like finding a job. My older brother and his family (this means nieces!!!) came up for the weekend and we all went to the graduation ceremony. The tradition (that Matthew and I both participated in as well) is that they announce your name as you walk through a big "O" for Orem and you're projected onto the big screens hanging in the Marriott Center. It was kind of fun to watch all the kids do goofy things as they walked through. Mark was among the last because he's on Student Council and when they finally announced his name, he had changed it so they said Markus Walker Brown the Second. Markus has always been a nickname, but I'm wondering if he's the Second, who the First is.


Rebecca said...

Oh wow. Do you think he was adopted?

Kim said...

I have often wondered if that's the case!