Friday, May 16, 2008

Zac Efron

I have two papers I should be writing and two tests next week I should be studying for, but I decided to blog instead. Don't you feel special!?!

In a post last year I wrote that Zac Efron makes me feel uncomfortable. I think I may be reevaluating that opinion a little bit. I just watched Hairspray (again, avoiding schoolwork) and while I don't like or dislike him in the movie, I watched some of the special features and they got me to ponder. Why is it I'm not so much a fan? Is it because Perez Hilton calls him Zacquisha and mocks his sexuality and make-up issues? Possibly. Is it because he makes lame movies? Well I haven't seen the High School Musical movies, so I can't say for sure. So what is it? I think it must be that I have been biased by Perez. I think I might just have to step outside the box and form my own opinion. I know, I know, that's crazy talk, right? Maybe it's just the spinahhhch talking. Either way, I think I might have to start liking little Zackie. 'Cause really, he looks like this:

and this:

but then sometimes like this:

and then when he's done with the bronzer, he sometimes looks like this:

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