Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wyoming trip

Let me preface this blog entry by saying two things: 1. I'm not in a blogging mood, so don't expect much funny. I am doing this only because Traci is making me. 2. We didn't take many pictures and most of the ones we did take kinda sucked due to the fact that they were taken mostly out of the sun roof of a moving car.

Because Lorri and I like food, we always have to take the long way through Logan at least one way. Now I know you're thinking to yourself that Logan isn't exactly the culinary capital of Utah, but there are three things up that way (admittedly they are not all in Logan, but they're up in that direction) that make me happy: Gossner's Cheese Factory, Fruit Way, and the Pepperidge Farms factory. Fruit Way, unfortunately, wasn't open for the season yet, but we got squeaky cheese and possibly the best butter ever at Gossner's, and lots of cheap, fattening cookies at the P Farms.

Another reason why lots of the pictures sucked was because the weather sucked and it was dark most of the time.

The rain didn't make much of a difference except when we were driving along muddy roads in Idaho. This particular road wasn't too bad, but there was one road that was under construction and I seriously thought we would slide off. I realize we didn't have to drive on as many dirt roads as we did, but it's so much prettier when you get off the highway.

We finally made it to Star Valley and promptly went to the DMV so Lorri could get her driver's license. Why, you ask, does a 41 year-old not have a driver's license? You'll have to ask her that question. :) She passed the test and then we went to pick up her daughter. We spent the next couple of days watching movies, eating (her mom, who you will see below, is one of the best cooks I have ever met, and she left us lots of yummy food), and just relaxing. There are no pictures because I'm pretty sure you don't want to see either of us looking as nasty and grubby as we did.

Sunday morning we dropped Cortni off and headed up to Jackson Hole to see Lorri's friend, Chris, and spend the night up there. That afternoon it cleared up quite a bit and we could finally see the Tetons, although not the tippy tops.

We also saw buffalo and other animals on our drive.

Chris works at the airport and while visiting her there, saw that Dick Cheney (or as I like to call him, the Dick Meister) and Air Force Two were in town. Lorri was brave enough to go take pictures. I thought we would be arrested (and possibly tortured for being terrorists) for taking pictures 1. at an airport and 2. of the VP's plane. I don't think anyone even saw us. Good thing they're keeping a close eye on things!!!

We had to wait a little while for Chris to get off work, so we went to get a snack (more food!) and spotted this guy sitting at the bar and I kid you not, he was talking to his beer. When the waiter set the glass down, he said "Helllooooo!" Then he kept saying random sentences, but I couldn't hear what he was saying. I think perhaps he had already had several drinks before this one. You know you're a true blogger when you take a picture of the crazy at the bar just so everyone else can see!

After eating our munchies, we drove around some more and saw everyone pulled over to the side of the road, which can mean only one thing: more animals!!! We pulled over and there was a family of foxes that lived down in this little area. You can't actually see them in this picture though because they kept darting in and out of the trees. I'm posting this semi-worthless picture mainly just because I can and because I got to see stinkin' cute baby foxes and you didn't.

We then went and picked up Chris and her daughter, Whytlie, who is also stinkin' cute, and we went to dinner (another round of eating!). Chris refused to take a nice picture.

But the rest of us smiled pretty. Or at least we tried to smile pretty. Notice how I am twice the size of Lorri and Whytlie. Grrrrr!

We stayed with Chris that night and then headed back to Star Valley to see Lorri's parents, who had been away for the weekend. Aunt June was also in town, and Lorri, being a fabulous photographer, snapped this picture of her.

She also snapped this one of her Mom, Tudy, aka Ce. Or is it Ce aka Tudy? Anyway, in this picture she is making us all delicious Italian beef sammiches.

Tudy and June are hilarious when they get together. They are funny to the point of peeing in your pants. (Don't worry, I'm not naming any names here, girls!) After eating I had to show them my blog and force T to bookmark it in order to help me feel better about myself. (If you're still reading this long post, please, please, please, tell/force your friends and family to read my blog.) Here is Lorri checking it out.

We stayed for a few hours, and then headed back to Utah and real life. :(

Here is a list of animals that we saw on our trip:
  • buffalo/bison (or if you're Kevin Costner, tetanka)
  • a whole herd of elk
  • a coyote (dead on the side of the road, but whatever)
  • several hawks and/or eagles (I didn't get a very good look)
  • a fox family
  • a moose
  • antelope
  • a ceaver (Some kind of rodent that had the body of a beaver and the tail of a cat. I have no idea what it actually was.)
  • Does some dude peeing on the side of the road count as an animal? I slowed down because I thought he was looking at an animal, but he wasn't. I saw the stream of pee.

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Traci said...

So glad I got to read about your trip. Two of my favorits were: 1) the guy at the bar saying hellooooo to his beer and 2) you slowing down to see an animal...only to see the stream of pee. lol. Sounds like you had a fabulous trip. Bob and I need to go to Jackson Hole - well and Star Valley. ;) Have a great day!