Monday, May 19, 2008

I should've been studying

But instead I watched most of the first season of Beverly Hills, 90210 today. The CBS website has the first three seasons online. You can check them out here. Did you hear The CW is bringing 90210 back? I think they're calling it 90210 2.0 or something. I absolutely loved the show up until around their second year of college when it started getting all trashy. Well, more trashy than before. I think once Brenda left it went downhill. Some of my favorite 90210 memories:

-The dance where Brenda and Kelly bought the same dress, but it was o.k. because Brenda and Dylan were um . . . elsewhere, so they weren't really seen together until the end of the dance.

-When the cowboy kid who was David's best friend at the beginning of the series, accidentally shot and killed himself.

-When Andrea and Steve try to "exchange an egg." I think that may have been the same episode where Emily Valentine slipped Brandon some drugs.

-The graduation episode. If memory serves me correctly, I think I cried when it originally aired. It was very touching.

-When Dylan was looking mighty hot, which was pretty much every episode he was in. But then his wife was killed by the dude her father sent to kill Dylan, and that kinda sucked.

When the series first aired I was totally a Brandon girl, but now watching them again, I must say that I am now on Team Dylan. I guess I just like sensitive bad boy surfer alcoholics with anger management issues. Plus he had better hair than Brandon. Much cooler.

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