Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Overheard in . . .

I frequent a website called Overheard in New York, where people submit things that they (yes, you guessed it!) overheard in New York. This website is the inspiration for my new blog feature, Overheard at BYU, although there has only been one entry so far. Anyway, there were some good ones today and since most of you probably won't want to go read the website because of the language, here are some good entries:

Teenager to Mexican friend: Don't make me call immigration on you.

Eight-year-old to uncle: Please don't move to Connecticut... It's too hard to spell!

Aging queen to record store clerk: Oivia Newton-John's fine and all, but she's like 55 and living in Connecticut, so she lost her edge.

Bleach-blonde: I would totally vote for McCain if Miley Cyrus were his running mate.

Teen cashier: I'll need to see some ID.
Female shopper: Ok, here you go.
Teen cashier: [Looks at woman's driver's license.] Oh wow, so you're an organ donor?
Female shopper: Yes.
Teen cashier: Oh my god! Which organ did you donate?

Little girl: Dad. Dad. Dad.
Dad: Stop pulling on me. What?
Little girl, pointing up at an enormous black man: He looks like a big chocolate bar!
Dad, with a forced grin: She's five.

Guy to hungover girl: Everyday you look more and more like you do heroin.

Boy to mom: Mom -my dradle commands me.
Mom: Ummmm... Okay honey... I'm not sure its supposed to do that.

And my personal favorite:

Suit on cell: Do they make you sterile? Can you have sex? When you're on the pills, can you have sex? You should go to Utah. They have great sex in Utah. The Mormons are famous for it. I think we should have easter dinner at 4.30 at Fekkai's.

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