Friday, August 8, 2008

the election

I've been reading up on both of the candidates, trying to decide who to vote for. That's a novel concept, isn't it--actually researching the candidates instead of just basing your decision on what party they're affiliated with or what false email forwards say. I agree and disagree with both of them on certain issues, so I don't know who to go with. I think it'll end up coming down to the Iraq war and the vice-presidential nominees. I'm really leaning towards Obama right now, but if Hillary is chosen as the VP nominee, that will most definitely change. If John McCain goes with Mitt Romney, I may be persuaded to go that way. No, not because he's Mormon, but because I think he could really help the economy. Ooh, I know! How about we really shake things up and have an Obama/Romney ticket! How sweet would that be! And how unlikely to happen! Maybe we should start voting for President and VP separately. I think it would be awesome to see two people from different parties have to work together for the good of the country, because after all, the election is about the good of the country, not the party, right?!? But anyway, is anyone out there willing to say what issues are big to them? Or what is making them vote whichever way they're voting?


Traci said...

Taxes. I care about taxes. So McCain is my man. No new taxes, no more taxes, reduce my taxes.

Obama would mean more taxes for me. So, I just can't have that. As much as I love to listen to his grand speeches...I just can't vote for him knowing my taxes will go up.

Wendy said...

does it really matter who you vote for when you live in utah? the only time i felt like my vote counted was when i lived in florida. i know... my attitute sucks

Kim said...

Way to burst my bubble!