Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Good parenting book

If you have kids, I would highly recommend that you read "Awakening Children's Minds: How Parents and Teachers Can Make a Difference" by Laura E. Berk. It was an optional book for my Parenting class and I'm just now using it to write a paper on fostering creativity in children. It's a great book not just about creativity; it also addresses the quantity vs. quality time debate, child care issues, learning in the classroom, children with disabilities, make-believe play, private talk (children talking to themselves), and a bunch of other factors that affect development. I find it all fascinating and I don't even have kids, so I would imagine that those of you who do will really appreciate it.

BTW, I spent more for my used copy from the BYU Bookstore than the price Amazon has listed for a new copy.

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