Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm back!

Are you beyond excited!?!

The shoe tally (see last blog entry) for the trip ended up being 20, I think. The women in my family all have slight shopping issues, so I blame my shopping habits completely on genetics. The way I differ from my mom, aunt and grandma though, is that I am not a browser. Unless it's a bookstore, I loathe browsing. I am perfectly capable of filling a cart (or two) at Target in 30 minutes. I don't need to spend hours looking at everything. This causes problems when I'm with them because they want to spend ages in the store, and I just want to get the heck out of there. I have learned, though, that if I help them find things to buy, they spend money much faster and are ready to go in a shorter amount of time. If I do this and don't complain, they will also usually buy me things. :)

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Traci said...

I'm just glad you're back. Thanks for returning.