Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Halloween Miracle!

A miracle occurred today. My little Primary children were . . . wait for it . . . well-behaved! Not just well-behaved, but absurdly well-behaved. I don't know if their parents threatened them or drugged them or what, but holy cow! I've never seen anything like it before. Even the Primary Presidency noticed and were amazed. I think it may have been because this one particular little demon-child wasn't there today. But whatever the reason, I fully expect that this feat will never occur again so I'm just going to carry the memory with me in my heart and cherish it always.


Traci said...

LOL! I wish you could bottle up whatever they had or whatever you did and send it down my way! Our primary program is coming up in a couple weeks, and we could use a little magic.

Emily said...

Kim, I just haven't left a comment yet, but I wanted to tell you how awesome I think your blog is.

Kim said...

Thanks, Em! Did you notice that there are a couple songs from back in the day on my playlist thinger?