Monday, April 28, 2008

Back soon

Sorry for the lack of posts-I'm trying to finish this (expletive) Independent Study. I should be back Wednesday-ish. Classes start then, so I'm sure I'll have plenty to blog about. I'm counting on overhearing lots of "only at BYU" conversations. I can't wait and I'll make sure to take notes so you guys can all share in the Eternal Companion Finding Fun.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the hamster has been named El Guapo. I refuse to call him this and choose instead to refer to him as Gus Gus, Forrest, or The Little One, depending on my mood. Don't worry, Traci-"Bob" is not on the list!!! I've decided he can't be named Bob because then I'll have to say "What about Bob?" like fifty times a day.

1 comment:

Traci said...

Glad to hear the Independent Study class is progressing. Bob is El for all intents and purposes you did name the hampster Bob. ;) I'll be sure to tell Bob about my I can score points!!!