Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I survived my first day of classes! Yay me! I had a great time, although I felt slightly old at times. For example, in one of my classes we were talking about the Family Proclamation and the professor asked how old people were when it came out in 1995. The most common answer was 7 years old. Yeah, I was 14 at the time. Then we had to say something unique about ourselves. Here are some of the answers:

-I have a freckle on one of my hands, and that's how I tell the difference between right and left. (Yes, this was actually said, no, it was not said by a blonde, and yes, I did tilt my head to one side and think "Really? You're in college and that's how you tell the difference? Hmm. Interesting.")

-I got engaged last week.

-I also got engaged last week.

-I got engaged two weeks ago.

-My two year wedding anniversary was last Monday.

-I'm probably the only person on this campus who isn't married or looking to get married. (Yes, this was a guy and no, I did not ask him what the heck he was doing taking up space at BYU if he's not throwing himself into the eligible bachelors pool.)

-I have been attacked by a monkey.

-I've been married 5 years and have two kids. (This was said by a girl who I'm pretty sure thought that this made her the senior member of the class.)

My answer was I'm 27 and still a junior in college. I think this fact about me is quite amusing and I thought a couple people would chuckle, but no, most people's mouths hung open and their eyes glazed over in confusion. I kid you not. You know that scene in Ferris Bueller when Ben Stein is teaching the economics class and the students are staring at him, spaced out? It was kind of like that.


Traci said...

loved this post. it was hilarious. you'll have to post about your adventures at the y frequently.

Wendy said...

freakin' hilarious

Rebecca said...

I thought this was funny.