Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mommie Dearest!

Some things things about my mom:
-She taught me to love books. She always read to us when we were kids and she still gives me great book suggestions.
-She's always ready to try something new.
-She put up with me through my teenage years. Had I been her, I probably would've sold me to the gypsies a long, long time ago.
-She teaches junior high school and is still sane.
-She is very cultured. She likes to go to museums, plays and the opera.
-Her dad was in the Marines, so she's lived all over the world.
-She is a convert to the Church.
-She is far more patient with children and the elderly than I can ever hope to be.
-She collects frogs.
-I love her!

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Traci said...

What a sweet happy birthday shout out to your momma. Your mom is awesome. If she reads this comment...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a great day!