Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Not So Real World

I watched part of the Real World Awards/Reunion show today. Holy skankiness, Batman! Am I just old or something? I remember back in the day when the show used to be about real issues and not seeing how drunk you can get and how many different people you can hook up with. I think it started to go down hill when the show was in Hawaii. That's when I stopped watching on a regular basis, too. You see, the real world to me, isn't about getting plastered, hooking it up with multiple people, getting nekkid, and getting into fights. Maybe that's just 'cause I'm Mormon and live in Happy Valley, though. Maybe that's what the real world is to most people out there. Oh how very sad, if that's the case. I wonder if MTV offers them free STD screening at the end of the season.

I miss the good ole days! Here are some of my favorite memories from way back when:

-Pedro from San Francisco. Everything about him. What a great person he was.

-Heather from New York falling while walking the dog. Hilarious.

-David from L.A. getting kicked out of the house. Oh, the drama!

-Flora from Miami trying to climb through the bathroom window.

-Dan from Miami just being himself.

-Neil from London getting his tongue bit in half. Oh, and when his girlfriend sent him a pig heart for Valentine's Day.

I'm sure I'm missing other moments, but this is just what I could come up with off the top of my head. Anyone else have any favorite Real World moments? Or am I the only one who actually cares?

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