Thursday, April 17, 2008

Makes me laugh every time

When I was cleaning out my desk at work I came across the following letter. It's from a customer whose credit application I declined. I chuckle every time I read it. I've kept the original spelling, grammar, spacing, etc., but removed all company names. Enjoy!

Based on the letter that you have sent,regarding _____ Fleet Fueling and your underwriter who ever denied our request,for the fact ,
We don't care about your approval we still have the cash to fill our cars tanks ,
and you did a favour for us .
We meant to help you out making money through card interest while you are setting in the office just making interests on the people use of your credit card and I found out It Is a trap for everybody increase people debts.
We really don't care about the corrupted credit bureaus and Fair Isac Formula which I can make a better one.
Your Opinion did not and will not shake any hair of our hair,we are functioning completely without any financing which the weak people need your credit for gas,we import and buy locally a lot of mechandise and we do business helping the community for their need with good prices better than your credit that put and trap people in debts.
Well,good luck,thank you

It's then signed by Dr. So and So. That's right, Dr. My favorite part is how my opinion will not shake any hair of their hair.

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