Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm in a bad mood . . .

So I'm doing another gratitude list.

1. Clorox disinfecting wipes
2. Self-cleaning ovens
3. My brand new herb garden
4. My dogs
5. A bookcase full of books yet to be read
6. Steak
7. Benadryl
8. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
9. Dental floss
10. No more work!
11. No more commute!
12. No more getting up at 5 am!
13. A freezer full of deliciousness
14. Warm, but not hot, weather
15. I get to spend time with family tomorrow
16. 80s teen movies
17. More room in my closet now that my winter clothes are packed away
18. Caller ID
19. Flip flops
20. New music

Well that didn't work. I'm still in a crapola mood. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to suck it up and not wallow. But I like to wallow. Everyone needs to wallow in their misery once in a while. It does a body good, I swear. I'll let myself be sad and bitter for the rest of the evening, and then it'll be out of my system in the morning. I hope. Here is a list of why I am sad and bitter today. I know they are stupid and petty reasons. I know they probably don't matter in the grand scheme of things. I'm just venting.

1. My birthday is next week and this is the first year ever that I'm not looking forward to it. I'm trying to just ignore it but my mom's birthday is the day before mine, so I'm forced to acknowledge my birthday in my acknowledgment of her birthday. Why am I not looking forward to it? I'm glad you asked. It's because the older I get the closer I get to becoming a bitter old spinster. I might as well just buy fifteen cats now. Sometimes I wonder if I'm turning into my crazy ex-roommate, whom I refer to as The Beast. I can't get started on that subject though, it'll just irritate me even more.

2. I have to teach Primary on Sunday. It's getting better, but the thought of going to Primary still just makes me want to cry. I don't want to be there. I still feel like I did something wrong and to punish me they banished me to Primary. Instead of looking forward to church, now I dread it.

3. I don't think I'm going to be able to finish my Independent Study. Not because I haven't had enough time to complete it, but because I'm a slacker, plain and simple.

4. I have to actually get dressed and do my hair and make-up tomorrow.

5. I've only done about 5% of what was on my to-do list for this week.

6. I want to go to bed but I just drank three Diet Cokes. And I don't even like Coke.

7. I've made fun of people in my last several blog entries and now I feel guilty. I'm trying really hard to be a nice and uplifting person, but I just don't know that that's something I'm capable of. I find humor in far too many things and I like to share the laughter, but it isn't always nice. That poor polygamist lady was probably forced to marry some nasty, sicko old man when she was just a teenager, and then she had her kids taken away, and I'm making fun of her unibrow. It doesn't matter that it was so bad that I wanted to drive down to Texas just to pluck it for her. Did I really need to point it out to everyone? Well . . . yeah, I kind of did. Maybe that's not the best example.

So anyway, there are several reasons why I'm bitter this evening. They're all stupid except for the ones about the Independent Study and how I need to be nicer. My goals for the next week and a half are to finish my stupid class and to not write any blog entries that make fun of other people. And to lay off the Diet Coke. A little confession-I have always hated Coke, but in the last five days I've gone through two twelve packs. I don't know how this has happened. I think I've been possessed by a bitter, Diet Coke drinking demon or something. That perfectly defines my ex-roommate. I really am turning in to her! Dangit-I just made fun of someone! That goal will officially start with my next blog post. O.k., I'm going to stop writing now because in the time it took me to write this I could have done an assignment for my class.


Rebecca said...
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Traci said...

K. Nuff bitter sad party. Pick yourself up, and get that Independent Study class done. Just do all those papers in one day - simple - you type fast. You don't even need to review what you write. Just write, save, print, turn in. ;) Then the next day take your final. Class - done. ;)

I had to laught at your post because I feel the same way sometimes. Actually quite often. Getting things done is the only way I've found to get over the sad bitter pity parties. Plus I just laughed because I could totally see you saying those things.

Gotta love ya.

Anonymous said...

You know I read your blog!!! Thanks for calling me a bitter diet coke drinking demon!! Sheesh. I thought I had slightly changed from 2004 - although my diet coke drinking has actually increased - how that is possible I don't know! =)

Kim said...

LOL!!! Maybe I should have been more specific in the roommate description. How about my bitter DC drinking demon ex-roommate who kicked me out because she wanted to turn my room into a scrapbooking room. I think that description only applies to one former roommate.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA - I somewhat doubted it was me just because you would have no problems telling me to my face I was a bitter diet coke drinking demon! Much like the time you told me I needed to get my brows waxed! -Gin

Kim said...

Too funny! I don't think I came right out and told you that you needed to get your brows waxed, though. Didn't I just kindly suggest we get you a waxing kit or something? Unfortunately you met me during me faux chic phase. Remember the matching shoes and purses, jewelry, and odd, colorful clothing?!? Yeah, that didn't last very long. You've seen my current homeless look-it's much more comfortable and less stressful when you just don't give a crap!