Saturday, April 19, 2008

Funeral Recap and Ugly Pics

I went to Uncle Soren's funeral this morning and managed to bring shame upon my whole family. Alright, maybe that's a slight exaggeration. Or is it? Here's what happened; we were singing "God Be With You Til We Meet Again" and that song always gets me. I had already been crying off and on through the funeral, and when we started singing that song, I slightly lost it. In the midst of my emotional, touching moment, as my cousin went to put her arm around me, I may possibly have snorted. It may possibly have been quite loud. This then made my cousins, Becky and Wendy, start laughing. In the middle of the funeral. So my emotional bubble was burst and I started laughing too. People in the two rows in front of us were turning around to look. We all finally got control, but then randomly the pew would start shaking because one of us got the giggles again. I felt kinda stupid, but I don't think everyone knew it was me that snorted. I think maybe it just came from our general vicinity.

After the funeral and graveside service, Wendy, Becky and I went to Chili's instead of back to the church for the luncheon. It was really nice to hang out with the two of them. We all live near each other, but never get together except at holidays, funerals, and weddings. Because I am a lame-o blogger, I made them take pictures with me afterwards. One of us, usually me, looks like an eejit in almost every one.

It was slightly windy.


Traci said...

LOL that is classic. I'm pretty sure I've had a couple laugh fests in sacrament meeting at the Y ... and I/we/roommates were very disruptive. The giggles were uncontrollable and lasted through the prayer. It was pretty embarassing. I got a kick out of your entry. Love the pics - a little treasure on your blog!

Wendy said...

ummm... yeah, i don't think i realized how hard the wind was blowing. we should have taken a couple facing the other direction with our hair in our faces. i also love that my car is the backdrop.

Kim said...

Wendy-I think you look totally hot in the last picture. Maybe we should send it to Timmy in the slammer-he's gotta get his kicks somehow!