Friday, November 7, 2008


You know those movies that are kinda crappy (horrible acting, questionable storyline, etc.) but yet you still find yourself watching them whenever they're on t.v.? Well, those movies make me happy. Movies like that just show that even if you're less than stellar, as long as you're persistant, people will eventually like you. Or possibly despise you. Anyway, here are my top picks for craptastic movies:

  • Center Stage-This movie is so bad and yet so good. Oxygen has actually made a sequel that I have yet to see but I am patiently waiting for it to air again.
  • Grease 2-When I was 10 my BFF, Crystal, and I used to sing about how we wanted a Cool Rider.
  • Return to Peyton Place-The original Peyton Place is the ultimate movie that once was scandalous and now is just awesome. The scene where Doc Swain gets on the stand and tells off the whole town . . . fabulous! The sequel, however, not so fabulous. I still love it though. It makes me want to move to a small town and rock the boat. What would be even cooler is if it was a small town where you weren't allowed to dance, ala Footloose AND if you're a girl, they won't let you work in the mines ala North Country. Ooh, ooh, ooh! Check this out-the book you wrote in which the hypocritical town members are only slightly disguised is banned, you can't dance or work in the mines, plus the piece de resistance . . . it's Lent so you can't eat chocolate like in Chocolat. I think I need an agent, 'cause I'm pretty sure I've got the basis for an Oscar-winning screenplay right there! Move over, Matt and Ben!
  • Toy Soldiers-Sean Astin, Wil Wheaton and Keith Coogan fighting terrorists? Pure genius.
  • Don't Tell Mom the Baby-Sitter's Dead-I still quote this movie on a regular basis. "Dishes are done, man!" "I'm right on top of that, Rose!" "We have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to tidy up the garage." Love, love, love this movie!
  • Cocktail-Not Tom Cruise's finest moment, although considering his couch-jumping issues of late, this movie doesn't seem so bad. I may possibly still attempt to do the cup tossing thing on occasion. But only on occasion.


Robert said...

Not gunna lie, I love grease 2.... There I said it! Are you happy world?!?!

Kim said...

Admitting you have a problem is the first step . . .