Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wino, don't you have people?

Now I know I'm not supposed to kick people when they're down, but let's be honest . . . that's when it's the most fun! Totally kidding! But not really. If I followed that rule, I would never ever be able to mock Amy Winehouse because seriously, that chick is always down. She reminds me of this woman I know who has problems with the bottle and always seems to be being discovered by the police; naked, behind the dumpster by the liquor store. It would be sad if it weren't so funny. Anyhoo, back to the Wino. One thing about her that I particularly enjoy mocking is her hair. I'm just not a fan of the beehive that looks as though it probably contains the remains of assorted insects and possibly rodents.

I've been hoping that someone would help her out with that, and then this morning when I woke up, I saw that someone had. Except that now she looks like a Jewish, crack smoking Annie. She also kinda looks like Adam Sandler in drag, don't you think?!? Just a little bit!

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Traci said...

This post seriously made me laugh out loud. Wino is def freaky looking.