Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Summary

Today was actually semi-eventful. Usually Sundays are slow days, perfect for napping. Oh, and worshiping the Lord and all that. BTW-are Sunday naps not the best kind of naps ever?!? Here's what went down today:
  • Mark hurt his arm last night and when my dad took him to the ER this morning we found out it was actually broken. He says he did it by running into a wall. I told him that was pretty much the lamest story ever and he should probably make something up. Preferably something involving a burning building or a psychopath with a gun.
  • Today was the missionary farewell of sweet, little Robert. We called him Bobby back in the day, but now that he's all grown up, I'll refer to him as Robert. Also, he's not really little and he probably doesn't want me to call him sweet. Whatever, Robert, whatever. I knew you when you were like three and I've put up with your sisters (Love ya, Em and Bets!) all these years, so I've pretty much earned the right to call you what I want. His talk was great and did not end badly. Let me reiterate . . . it did not end badly. (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)
  • I went visiting teaching today and completely forgot that I was in charge of the message. Fortunately, my companion is on top of things and was prepared for my inevitable slackerness.
  • I just talked to the nieces (and my brother, but that's not what's important) and Ashley has a friend named Jolie, but she either can't remember the name or can't say it, so she calls her Ravioli. When she said Ravioli I could hear her mom in the background correcting her and so Ashley then started talking about Chili and not Ravioli.

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Robert said...

Haha, thanks. And you have earned the right to call me whatever you wish.