Monday, November 10, 2008

migraine from you know where

I have migraine and general headache issues. I used to get a headache for at least a few hours pretty much every single day. I also once had a migraine that caused one of my pupils to be twice the size of the other one. I used to take a migraine prevention med that worked brilliantly, but then I went back to school and lost my wonderful health insurance. Now I have crappy student health insurance that doesn't cover prescriptions. So . . . no more pricey miracle drug. I can usually tell if I'm going to get a migraine because I get little flashes of pain in my eye balls. Fun, huh! So I could tell yesterday that one was coming on, and sure enough, I got very little sleep last night because I was trying to keep myself from ripping my eyeballs out. You know how people talk about pain behind their eyes? Well I've felt that and it's nothing like this pain. It literally feels like it's inside my eyeballs and the only thing that helps is to put pressure on my eyes by pretty much shoving my fingers into them. So that's how I have spent my day today-being miserable and shoving my fingers into my eyes. Oh, and chugging Pepto to keep from vomiting. Except for some reason, the Pepto we had in the cupboard was cherry flavored. Who's ever heard of cherry flavored Pepto Bismol? It was about as delicious as you would expect, meaning it made me want to vomit almost as much as the migraine. So the point of my story is that if anyone knows a drug rep for Topamax who wants to hook me up with lots of samples, I will make them my honorary BFF.

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