Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Girlies, please!

I see that yet another nekkid picture scandal is rocking the Disney world. What is wrong with these girls? I think I blogged about this when I first saw it, but there was an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians in which some nekkid pics of Kourtney were leaked or about to be leaked by an ex-boyfriend. Her response to this was that the lesson she learned was to be careful who she trusted. Um . . . no. How about the lesson is to not take nudies pics of yourself. (Oddly enough, this new picture scandal also involves a Kardashian . . . nekkid chickie's boyfriend is Rob Kardashian.) We live in a world of technology where it's hard to have secrets, especially if you're famous. Do these girls really think when their picture is being taken, that these photos won't eventually be leaked? Or maybe I'm just being naive in assuming that the photos were leaked without their permission. I guess it does generate quite a bit of publicity. Is that really the kind of publicity you want though?

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