Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some stuff

  • Went to lunch with Ashlee today at the Brick Oven. I forgot about that place. I used to live across the street from it and went there a lot. It was delicious, especially the apple beer.
  • Been listening to the new NKOTB album. MUCH more adult than 15 years ago. I like it. A lot.
  • This stuff is magic. Really, it is. I'm pretty sure they make it with the dust of fairy wings and a drop of unicorn tears to really give it staying power. You must have it. For reals.
  • Going to Wyoming for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to get out of Utah. No offense, Utahns, but it's better for all of us if I leave the state every once in a while. I think everyone is much safer that way. My guess is most of you feel the same way.
  • I am now the proud owner of an original Nintendo, along with the first and greatest Mario Bros. and Zelda. You should probably come over and play Nintendo with me. One of the best things about it is the simplified controller. I can't play any of these new game systems because there are too many buttons and crap for my elderly mind.

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Rebecca said...

I loved the original Mario!!