Monday, January 5, 2009

Drama in the house

So remember a while ago how I mentioned how the only thing that seems to help with my migraines is Topamax, but it's way pricey (like $250/month) and I can't afford it now that I have crap insurance? Well, my new hero, the nurse at the Student Health Center, hooked me up with some Patient Assistance Program (which is for the poor people of America, like myself), so now I get it for free. This is wonderful news, except that this time around I have developed an odd new side effect. For the last month or so, my eyelid has been twitching. It was like a jackhammer the other night and was keeping me awake, so I finally asked the pharmacist about it today, and he said I'm pretty much just shiz out of luck. Only he didn't use those words. Or anything close to those words. What he actually said was if I've been on it for more than two weeks and my eye is still twitching, then I should switch to something else. So . . . here is the dilemma . . . stay with what I know works and that I get for free, and just deal with the twitching (which is just off and on, not all the time), or get rid of the random jackhammering of my eyelid and try to find something else?

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