Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the twitching

I don't think that in yesterday's blog I accurately described the eye twitching. I made it sound like it was just once in a while and you were probably wondering what the big deal was. It isn't once in a while. It's every single day, most of the day, but not necessarily constantly. I get half hour breaks here and there. It gets worse at night and at church. Why at church, I don't know. Either the twitching is of the devil and is uncomfortable in the Lord's house, or it's more noticeable when I'm just sitting there and let's be honest, kinda bored. It's really distracting when I'm driving because I always want to watch it in the rear-view mirror, which probably is not the safest thing to do. So yeah, that's a more accurate description of the devil's twitching that's going on in my eyelid. Oh, and it's mostly in my right eye, but sometimes it'll go back and forth between my right and left eyes. That's always fun. Also, since I'm being honest (about being bored at church on occasion), I have to say that I have contemplated how painful it would be to try and dig the nerve out with some kind of sharp weapon/instrument. Not that I'm going to because really, I'm far too vain for that, but seriously, if I could figure out a way to have it not hurt too much, not leave an ugly scar (a Luke Perry-esque scar would be acceptable), and not paralyze the rest of my face, it's possible that I would perform surgery on myself. I could videotape it for YouTube! I wonder if Botox would paralyze it. Oooh! Now that is truly something to think about!


michelle said...

Is your eye still twitching?

Kim said...

Yup, pretty much all the time and it's driving me INSANE!!!