Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tequila, anyone?

I just put the trash and recycling cans out for pick-up and realized that um . . . the recycling bin is full to overflowing (as in contents are kinda visible) of liquor boxes. Now I don't know if you're aware, but in the Mormon world, drinking is slightly frowned upon. And when I say slightly frowned upon, I mean if you drink, you had better sleep with one eye open because the destroying angel is totally coming for you. You're on his list. And much like Santa, he's checked it twice, so there's no escaping it. Now before you freak out and start praying for me, let me explain. My BFF and former roommate, Lorri, just moved in with me, and a couple of moves ago, we discovered that the best packing boxes are liquor boxes because they're heavy duty. They are, after all, meant to cushion glass bottles and such. So the days leading up to a move are usually filled with several trips to the liquor store to get boxes. They actually make it quite convenient (at least the store by our old place did) and just keep them right inside the door so you don't even have to really go in. But anyway, my point is that a member of the Bishopric lives next door and if I get a call in the next few days asking me to come in and meet with the Bishop, I'm going to have to laugh. A lot. And at least I'm recycling the boxes. Even if I were drunk and partying all the time, I think that saving the environment should count for something. I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father likes it when we respect the Earth and recycle. Maybe I could even get brownie points toward some future sin. Maybe if I recyle enough and earn enough brownie points, I could like go shopping on the Sabbath or watch an R-rated movie or something and not have it count. Or is that not how it works? :)

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