Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So remember how I felt all materialistically guilty after returning from Peru and got rid of a bunch of stuff? Yeah, well I kinda want it back now.

This may be too much info, but I had like the worst case of PMS over the weekend. You see, when I get PMS, I get PM-effing-S. I seriously thought I was losing my mind on Saturday. I'm pretty sure my family thought I was too because my mom refused to leave me by myself. She seriously sat in my bedroom with me while I laid in bed, stared at my screensaver and cried. It was pretty bad. A funny side note: my mom told me that she used to PMS really bad too and when people would irritate her, she would wish they would get in a car wreck and die. O.k., maybe that's not so funny, but it made me feel better.

I'm back on the exercising kick again.

Have I mentioned how much I love my job? I think I have, but just in case I haven't, I do. Actually, I guess it's not so much my job I love, it's my coworkers. Not that the job is bad, it's cool, but I really like my coworkers and I want to force them to be my friends and hang out with me not at work, but I'm not sure how to manipulate them into doing that. Another reason I like my job: one of the guys I work with has pretty much the sexiest arms I've ever seen. It's not just me who thinks so-my boss and I have discussed it. Now lest you think I've been inappropriate at work, she brought it up first. I just agreed . . . enthusiastically.

I really wish I could sing and not sound like a dying animal. I have all these amazing gifts and talents (muahahahaha!), but that's the one thing (of many) I can't do, and it pisses me off.

Alright, well . . . that's all.


Wendy said...

muahahahahaha ... you crack me up. i know you think your work friends are so much cooler than me but hello hang with me....

Kim said...

I'm pretty sure my work friends aren't cooler than you because they have never co-hosted their own cooking show. I would totally hang with you but I don't know if my neediness would fit into your schedule. You do have an actual life and stuff! We should cook this weekend or something.

Abby said...

you and your blog rule! so funny! (i'm just a random reader and don't know you)