Friday, September 25, 2009


I saw Fame this afternoon. It was alright. I haven't seen the original so I didn't have any expectations going into it. I mostly just wanted to see Kherington from So You Think You Can Dance, and while the parts with her dancing were good, the parts with her acting . . . not so much. As far as I know this is her first movie, though, so I can't be too harsh. Some of the other actors were pretty awkward too. Plus we never really got to know any of the characters, so I didn't overly care what happened to any of them. There was very little background. It would have been cool if they had focused more on one or two people and gone a little deeper. It was fun, though and I did enjoy the music and the dancing, but it's definitely one to wait for the dollar theater for.


Bob said...

i'm so out of the movie scene i dont even know what this movie is. but i wont be seeing it.

however, we did rent "ghosts of girlfriends past" and watched it last night...i liked it! ;) granted i am very easily pleased these i thought it was pretty good. have you seen it?

Traci said...

ummm...that was traci, not bob.

Kim said...

I tried including the trailer for Fame, but it wouldn't let me embed it. Go look it up on YouTube. If your standards aren't high, you might like it! :) I did see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. I think I blogged about maybe not liking it, but I think it might have just been because I was sick at the time and the teenagers behind me were driving me crazy. Lorri fell asleep during it too, but I think she was just tired. It wasn't my favorite movie, though. It was, however, better than All About Steve.