Tuesday, September 1, 2009

one of those moments

So there's this class that I've been putting off taking and I could never figure out why because it's a stupid, introductory, 100-level class that's required for my major. It should be easy and probably pretty fun, but in the past I would enroll in it, but then drop it because I just didn't want to take it for some reason. Well at this point, there's no escaping it. I'm a Senior, I'll be done soon, I have to take it. I had it yesterday morning and I walked into the class, sat down amongst all the wee freshmen, and commenced to mentally roll my eyes, questioning the necessity of the class. And then the professor came in and she was all blond and skinny and tan and perfectly dressed, and at that point the mental eye rolling went into overdrive and I just shook my head and slouched down in my seat, wondering how I was going to endure the semester. But then she started to talk. She told us how she's 34 and had just gotten married two months before, and she talked about how almost all of her siblings got married before she did, and how she had kind of gone from occupation to occupation, etc., etc. And that's when I realized that the reason I hadn't taken this class before now was because I needed to take it with her, and I needed to hear what she had to say. I love it when you can look back and see how things worked out exactly the way they were supposed to. It wouldn't have been nearly as meaningful of a class if it had been taught by someone who hasn't been through the same things that I'm going through: being single while the culture around you promotes getting married ASAP and most of your friends got married years ago, at 19/20; not really knowing what you want to do with your life, but trying to pick yourself up and move on even though things haven't really turned out the way you thought they would. I love that when she talks about the wait being worth it, I'm not thinking "um . . . your life appears to have gone exactly as planned, so please cease speaking to me." So now I'm actually kinda excited about this class that I've been putting off and dreading for so long. Seriously, I love moments like this!

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Traci said...

Great insight.

Let us know how the class progresses.