Friday, September 18, 2009

September 17

Outside my window . . . it's dark and a little windy. I love the sound of the wind in the trees.

I am thinking . . . the nieces will be here tomorrow! The nieces will be here tomorrow!

I am thankful for . . . movie night with Ashlee! I love that we sit and talk for probably more time than we actually take to watch the movie.

From the kitchen . . . I made spaghetti and Simple Ceasar Salad from The Pioneer Woman's website. The salad wasn't as great as I would have hoped. I think it has potential though. I'll have to tweak some things. My sister-in-law makes awesome Ceasar Salad, so maybe the problem was just that I was comparing it to hers.

I am wearing . . . cords and a tee, but I would really like to be wearing jammies.

I am going . . . to be really pissed if the CBS website doesn't post the second season of Jericho without the audio commentary. I just discovered this show (it only has like a season and a half) and I watched the entire first season in the last two days. When I went to watch the second season, I discovered that all the episodes have the audio commentary. And it isn't a normal commentary where you can still hear the show, just not as loud; with this one you get absolutely no sound while the commentary is going on. So I've just invested all this time in this awesome show, but now I can't finish it because I'm only getting half of the story. I'm a little bit upset about this.

I am reading . . . I just finished rereading "Remember Me?" by Sophie Kinsella. I love Sophie Kinsella books. She wrote the Shopaholic series. I think she and Marian Keyes are probably my favorite chick lit writers. Ooh, and Jennifer Weiner too.

I am hoping . . . that I am able to get everything done tomorrow that I need to get done so that I can spend the entire weekend harassing/manipulating my nieces into snuggling with me. Speaking of which (the snuggling, not the harassing), aren't sleepy children the best!?! Not when they're ornery tired, but when they're snuggly sleepy and they just put their head on your shoulder and lay there.

I am hearing . . . nothing. Wow, that's kinda weird. Very rarely am I on the computer without iTunes going.

Around the house . . . the bed is still not put together.

One of my favorite things . . . The Office. The rumor Michael spread about Kevin was great. I'm still chuckling.

A picture . . . Halloween 1983.

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