Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Olay Definity Pore Redefining Scrub

The other day my mom kindly commented that I needed some pore minimizer. I, of course, responded with "Yeah, well you need a wrinkle reducer." I did some research, checked out what Sephora had, but couldn't settle on anything that I felt good about spending a lot of (my mom's) money on. Then my mom gave me this stuff. I love it. I noticed a difference after a couple days of using it. And it's 10ish dollars (even cheaper on sale!), compared to the 40 dollar stuff I was debating purchasing. If you have pore issues, I would highly recommend that you get yourself some of this.

Also, since I'm so poor and can only manipulate my mom into buying me so many things, I'm trying to find cheap substitutes for my normal products. I've already found a 2 dollar mascara that I like just as much as the 30 or even 12 dollar stuff, so be watching for that.


Traci said...

i was totally expecting this post to discuss last night's programming - so you think you can dance and glee.

which btw - i watched a little bit of sytycd and i watched almost all of glee. i am a fan of it.

also - ellen on american idol??? i think i'm a fan of that too - i LOVE ellen.

lastly - please post about that mascara. i've been using covergirl (3 bucks and change). i like it but would be open to a change.

Wendy said...

AND... there are usually coupons for Olay products in the Sunday newspapers. Sometimes up to $3 off Definity products!!